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Booking Info




UmbraLux Studio may be rented for a minimum of two consecutive hours.

  • 2-3 hrs $60/hr

  • 4 hrs $225

  • 5, 6, or 7 hrs, $225 + $60/hr

  • 8 hrs $450

These rates apply for studio use between the hours of 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. For rentals starting before 9:00AM or after 7:00PM, the rental rate is $90/hr, subject to availability. Please note that finishing a booked rental session early will not result in a refund of unused time. 

Extra rental time of 30-minute increments beyond the time already pre-paid can be purchased for $40 if the studio is available. However, 30 minutes must be available between the end of your session and the start of the next rental session.

If you are interested in other rental arrangements, please contact us at

Do you need assistance setting up the lights for your shoot? We can assist you at the beginning of your session for an additional fee of $35. Note that this assistance fee is required for the first use of the tungsten hot lights.  We also offer continual assistance during your shoot, which includes initial and subsequent lights set-up and shooting instruction ($60 fee/hours). Of course, you may bring your own lighting and gear instead!

Your rental fee includes the use of both shooting spaces in the full studio, including all available walls; the seamless paper backdrops; canvas backdrops, and a backdrop support stand kit to use the canvas backdrops; the available strobe and continuous lights and light modifiers (softboxes and snoots); Pocket Wizards to sync cameras and strobes; and V-flats. We are constantly updating the list of items you can use!

The storage area behind the wall at the back of the studio, however, contains equipment and items not for rental use. 


To inquire about the availability of your preferred studio rental time, please go to the calendar on our website to determine whether that time range is available:

We do require a period of 30 minutes between rental sessions to confirm the studio equipment and accessories are in proper condition and to allow for any necessary disinfection related to COVID-19. 

All payments to reserve time must be made in full:




UmbraLux Studio will contact you to confirm that payment has been received and to confirm your rental.

HOLD - Still working out details. we are happy to offer a 48 hour max hold for your desired date


We get it. Things come up. Life happens. Sometimes your client has an urgent need to reschedule, or you have something else that you have to deal with first. That’s why you will get a full refund up until 48 hours before your scheduled shoot. Between 48-24 hours prior to your rental time, we are happy to refund 50% of your pre-paid fee. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, we cannot refund your pre-paid fee; however, you may reschedule within the next week, if time is available, to utilize 50% of the pre-paid fee. Beyond one week following the original booking time, the pre-paid fee is forfeited. Rescheduling a rental period depends upon the availability of the requested rental time. Rescheduling studio time requires at least 8 hours’ notice within the week following the original session time. 


The proper use of the studio, the equipment, and accessories made available are the renter’s responsibility. Breakage and misuse of the equipment leading to the damage of the studio property will be paid for or replaced by the renter. UmbraLux Studio is not liable and will be held harmless for any harm or damage to studio users arising from renter irresponsibility during studio use. Note that the renter booking the studio assumes financial responsibility for all the people involved during the rental. 

Please note: Your rental session starts at the reserved time: Make sure all who are participating in your session arrive on-time. The shooting session start time does not change to accommodate late arrivals, wardrobe set-up, the bringing in and setting up of props, or “make-up application” time. You must include sufficient time in your rental for set-ups and break-downs, as the session must begin and finish within the rented time-frame.
As noted above, extra rental time of 30-minute increments can be purchased ($30) beyond the time already pre-paid, if the studio is not booked in the adjacent time-frame.

The studio must be left in the same condition in which it was entered. Remove any trash created during your rental session and place it in the available trash cans. All lights, props, and accessories should be properly stowed when you have finished your session. If you move equipment and accessories during your shoot, please move heavy items carefully, lifting all items to avoid scratching or gouging the floor. No smoking or vaping is allowed on the premises. Fog machines may be used with prior consent.


A $40 consumables fee will be charged for making the floor portion of the seamless paper backgrounds dirty and, thus, unusable. Any significant, visible soiling, marks, tears, or scrapes to the paper seamless sweeps will incur this fee. This fee may be easily avoided by not walking on the paper. Photographers should remove their shoes if they need to step on the seamless paper sweeps. Damage to canvas or muslin backdrops will require their replacement at current pricing.

A fee of $50 will be charged if the studio is lefty dirty, equipment is not properly stowed, or if trash left by the renting party is not picked up and placed in the available trash cans. 

For photography sessions involving small amounts of water, glitter, food, paint, etc., proper protection of the floor and studio equipment is required. Users are responsible for providing coverings to ensure the studio facilities are protected from damage. A cleaning fee of $50 will be charged if needed to restore the studio to its original condition.

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