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The Studio

With the equipment we provide, your creative vision won’t be limited! We have a large number of strobes and continuous tungsten lights, softboxes, and accessories. In house, we have 4 Photogenic 500W Powerlights, Photogenic softboxes in several sizes, including 3x3, 2x 3x4, 2x 1x3, and a Cheetah 48” Quick Rice Bowl (which is similar to a wide parabolic). There are five Mole-Richardson old-school, industry standard continuous tungsten lights, ranging from 500W to 2000W, many of which have daylight-correcting filters. A heavy-duty boom arm allows for the set-up of elevated light to create overhead dramatic lighting and a reflector arm allows the photographer to modify reflected fill light without the need for assistance. A 12 ft wide Varipole system with seamless sweep allows the user to shoot several people or, for example, a tableau vivant scene. Posing cubes are available for figure studies or for posing portraits. Additionally, several backdrop supports allow for simultaneous set-ups to reduce down-time, saving the photographer money.

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